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Unleash the fun: Why Urban Boules is the perfect game to play with friends

When it comes to enjoying quality time with friends, finding the perfect activity can be a challenge. However, there's one game that effortlessly combines fun, laughter, and a nice bit of friendly competition - Urban Boules!

Group of friends play Urban Boules in Londo

Originating from the classic French game of Petanque, Urban Boules brings a modern twist to the traditional sport. Whether you're a seasoned player or a complete beginner, here are a few reasons why Urban Boules is the ultimate game to play with friends this summer"

Easy to learn, Hard to master:

One of the best things about Urban Boules is its simplicity. The rules are straightforward, making it accessible to everyone. All you need is a set of boules and a playing area. The objective is to throw your team's boules as close as possible to the target ball (a.k.a the Jack). While it may seem simple, the strategic aspects of the game, such as planning your throws and blocking opponents, mean you will keep coming back for more to perfect your play!

Engaging social interaction:

Urban Boules encourages social interaction like no other game. It creates a lively and engaging environment where friends can bond, laugh, and enjoy each other's company. Whether you're sharing strategies, cheering for great shots, or engaging in friendly banter, the game brings people together, fostering strong connections and creating lasting memories. It's also a perfect game for team-building exercises through corporate events... or even getting to know someone on a first date!

Versatility and adaptability:

Another advantage of Urban Boules is its versatility. It can be played in various urban settings, such as parks, gardens, or even a brand new pop-up in the heart of London's South Bank (👀). The game is adaptable to different skill levels as well, allowing players to have fun regardless of their experience. Additionally, Urban Boules is a flexible game that can be enjoyed casually during a leisurely afternoon or played competitively in organised tournaments, making it suitable for any occasion.

Physical and mental benefits:

Urban Boules is not only enjoyable but also offers several health benefits. The game requires concentration, strategic thinking, and hand-eye coordination. As you aim to throw your boules accurately, you engage your mind and body, improving focus and mental agility. Furthermore, the physical activity involved in throwing the boules and moving around the playing area adds a level of fitness to the game, making it a fantastic way to stay active while having fun with friends.

When it comes to creating memorable experiences with friends this summer, Urban Boules checks all the boxes. So, gather your squad, head to Jack & Boule when we open in the South Bank in June 2023, and let the laughter and friendly competition begin.


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