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It's time to play Pétanque!

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What's Pétanque all about?

Hailing from the sun-drenched region of Provence, pétanque is a quintessential French boules experience. From beginners to experts, young and old, everyone can get together on the gravel for a game of pétanque!


With two teams per lane and the aim to get to 13 points first, you can get as competitive as you would like… or take it easy and play a slow game while sipping on a cocktail.


Book a lane and forget about the daily grind of London life for 90 minutes. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t love a sport that includes zero running… and allows you to have a drink at the same time?!

The Rules!

To start the game, team 1 throws the jack and then each team throws their starting boule. The team that is furthest away from the jack continues to throw until they are the closest. Then it's the other team's turn.


After all boules have been thrown (6 per team), the team closest to the jack gets 1 point for each boule that is closer than the opposing team's best boule. First to 13 points wins.


Don’t worry though, we have the rules to the game available at each of our lanes… or you can even book a guide to play along with you (and share some tips and tricks)!

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BOULE? PÉTanque?
Learn the Lingo!

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